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bright side speech therapy framingham ma
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Bright Side Speech Therapy, located in Framingham and Hopkinton, MA, is a private speech therapy practice offering speech and language services to individuals and families from the MetroWest area including Framingham, Sudbury, Wayland, Marlborough, Natick, Ashland, Hopkinton, Upton, and surrounding towns. We accept in-network BCBS, Allways, Cigna and Harvard Pilgrim insurance as well as all insurances out-of-network.


We offer speech and language evaluations, individual treatment, and screenings to both pediatric and adult populations. Our focus as pediatric speech therapists provide services to individuals 0-22 years of age of all abilities. We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of toddlers, preschool, elementary, middle school and high school children with speech, language, articulation or phonological disorders, swallowing, stuttering and social or pragmatic delays and disorders. Each child will receive individual treatment plans to meet their needs and goals. We do offer services to adults and geriatric populations in the areas of swallowing, language, cognition, and more.


Evaluations and treatment are by appointment only. Call for a free phone consultation at (617)-340-9252 to see if services are right for you and your family!

Screenings are an informal way for the therapist to determine if further assessment is needed using informal measures and an interview with the client or parent.
Evaluations are in-depth assessments of the client's abilities consisting of informal and formal measures as well as a detailed history.
Treatment consists of 1:1 individualized therapy using a variety of evidence-based techniques to elicit positive change in communication, cognition or feeding.


speech therapy framingham ma
speech and language therapy framingham ma
speech language therapy framingham, ma
AAC speech therapy framingham ma
Assesment and treatment of speech deficits to help develop skills for successful communication including articulation issues, phonological disorders, apraxia, voice, stuttering and more.
Assesment and treatment of cognitive and language delays and deficits to improve ability to communicate including receptive and expressive deficits, attention issues, pragmatic/social skills, executive function, math/reading skills, and more.
Work with children and their families to increase the intake and acceptance of a variety of foods and decrease refusal behaviors associated with feeding, swallowing, and chewing. 
Provide treatment using alternative or augmentative communication including low tech and high tech communication methods (i.e. speech generating devices) in order to provide an alternative way to communicate. 
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